The following cultural festivals take place in the surrounding areas and are special moments of the life of our place.

It is a celebration of tasting and promotion of the Sklithros potato that has been cultivated for 70 years and has a special taste.

The celebration is organized in August by the Cultural Association of the village with the assistance of the municipality and lasts three days.

Tables are set up in the schoolyard (or in another place) and various delicacies are offered. During the celebration there is an exhibition of photography, traditional handicrafts and tools. Traditional music and dance groups give performances and in the opening speech reference is made to the history of the potato, how it arrived in Sklithros, how it is cultivated, etc.

Municipality of Aetos
Tel. 23860 41215, 41465

In September and for one day, the Cultural Institutions of the Eagle with the assistance of the municipality organize the pepper festival.

Tables are set up in the schoolyard (or other fenced area) and food cooked with different recipes is offered, but always with peppers.

Municipality of Aetos
Tel. 23860 41215, 41465

The Cultural – Educational Association of Limnochori organizes the “Fish Festival” every year with the opening of the lake in mid-June on the beach of Lake Zazari, near the Primary School of Limnochori.

The event includes a presentation of local dance groups and a traditional feast, during which the association of Limnochori distributes fish and local delicacies to the world.

Admission for the public is free.

Municipality of Aetos
Tel. 23860 41215, 41465

Amyntaio festival takes place every year in early October and is considered the largest in Western Macedonia.

It has now been established as a local institution that gathers the interest of the whole region. It is considered a very important cultural and social event

On July 26-27, of Agios Panteleimon, in the homonymous Municipal District, a “kurbani” beef is sacrificed, which is then cooked in large cauldrons and distributed to the world.

During the same period, the Cultural Association holds seven-day events

“Tsiri tsiri Varvara” celebrated on December 3 every year in Amynteo and has Roman origins.

The Christian version wants the custom in honor of St. Barbara, who was saved when they tried to burn her.

The preparation begins days before the companies of each neighborhood gather wood so that the fire they will light is the highest. Then follows, accompanied by the bronze of the area, a folk feast around the surrounding fires until dawn.

The carnival was always intertwined with the entertainment of the locals. Formerly, the carnival of Amyntaio, which stopped in 1982 after strong pressures of the Church, was very glorious.

But an area with deep roots in the worship of Dionysus could not but continue the traditional custom. Thus, the baton was actively received by the residents of Xino Nero who organize carnival events every year during the last weekend of Carnival.

The infallible folk instinct satirizes the news while their chariots caustically comment on every event that affected their lives during the year. The events are attended by many visitors as it is the only carnival in the whole prefecture of Florina.

Tsipouro has always been an integral part of the economic life of the place. The traditional cauldrons for Friday that light up at the end of November and last until the end of December.

The days and nights of boiling are a special ritual for the producers but also for their guests who during the endless hours of waiting party with wine and tsigarides.

Florina fires are one of the most impressive festival. Every year, on December 23, the night before the eve of the great Christmas celebration, fires are lit in every neighborhood of the city. The inhabitants gather branches in the squares and as soon as night falls they light them, making the city sparkle.

The party also lights up and, in fact, lasts as long as the fire and even more! Somehow begins a series of events and celebrations that last the whole twelve days putting the city in a rhythm of fun and emotion.

Based on the island of Ag. Every year (during the last ten days of August) the cultural events “Prespeia” that bring together international artists take place, while the program includes concerts, poetry evenings and an open party.

Municipality of Prespa Tel. 23850 51435

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