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The following locations of Sklithros and are ideal destinations for day trips

Nearby Destinations

Sklithro is one of the oldest villages in the area, dating from 1300 AD. It is located at an altitude of 682 meters and is surrounded by green slopes with lush vegetation, while it is crossed by two torrents. The population of the village today amounts to 450 inhabitants while in the census of 1904 it exceeded 3500 thousand. Sklithro is a purely agricultural and livestock village.

Due to the climate, the famous potatoes of Sklithros thrive in the area, which is also the main source of income of the farmers of the village. The potato festival organized by the Cultural Association with dances, concerts and various events has also become an institution.

In Sklithros Municipality there are two of the oldest churches in the area. Three-aisled wooden-roofed basilica of Agios Dimitrios (1864) and Agios Georgios (1867).

Everything about Nymfaío is true. It is indeed the most beautiful village in Northern Greece. But even if you have seen photos, nothing prepares you for the surprise when you are actually there.

First of all, its founders hid it so well from prying eyes that you can not take a few tempting glances at it from afar. Instead, you climb a seemingly endless road all the way around, almost perpendicular to the valley between the mountains of Vermio and Verno (or Vitsi), without a trace of a dwelling on the horizon.

Even when you reach the gates of Nymfaío there is only a huge parking lot to welcome you as well as an elegant gray stone building, which gives you an idea of ​​what will follow.

Hours: From 9:00 to 17:00 (except Wednesday)
Tel: 23860 41,500

Arktoyros is a civil, non-governmental and non-profit, environmental organization founded in 1992 and aims to protect wildlife and the natural environment in Greece and abroad. The reason for its establishment was the need to find an immediate solution to the then growing problem of capturing bears and wolves. An occasion that led to a comprehensive framework of actions and actions.

The Brown Bear Shelter will be open again from Saturday, May 1st! The Shelter will be open from 10.00 until 16.30. Guided tours take place every 30 ‘. Contact telephone 2386041500.

Pets are not allowed on the tour area. Photographs are allowed but not the use of flash, tripods, etc. For your entry into the store it is mandatory to use a protective / non-surgical mask.

For your best service or for any other information please contact us. We will be happy to serve you.
Contact Phone: 2386041500 & 2386031155


Lake Vegoritida or Ostrovo is a lake in Macedonia, and the third largest lake in Greece. It has a character, as administratively it belongs to the prefectures of Pella and Florina and to the Municipalities of Amyntaio and Edessa. It is surrounded by the mountains of Verno, Vora and Vermio and is the lowest point of the complex of lakes Zazaris, Heimaditida and Petra, whose waters it receives through a system of canals and tunnels. Near it are the towns of Arnissa and Amynteo.

20 ′ distance


Lakes Zazari and Heimaditida are 6 km away from Sklithro and consequently from our guesthouse.

Zazari (also known as Lake Agios Theodoros) is a small lake located in the south of the prefecture of Florina, at the foot of Mount Verno in Macedonia. It is one of the lakes of the hydrological basin that is formed between the mountains of Verno, Vora, Askio and Vermio and that also includes the lakes Vegoritida, Petra and Heimaditida.

Zazari has an area of ​​about 2 sq.km. and is located at an altitude of 602 meters. Its average depth is 4.6 meters. It is fed by the small river of Sklithros that originates from Verno and this in turn feeds the neighboring lake Heimaditida

The nearest settlement to the lakes is the community of Limnochori. You can enjoy a panoramic view of them as you ascend to Nymphaeum.

The visit to Lake Zazari is possible from the lake village. It is considered the smallest lake in the prefecture of Florina and hosts in its waters several rare species of birds and fish.

10 ′ distance


It is located 18 km from Sklithros and with its waters it rains the D.D. Petron. It covers an area of 8000 acres and has been proposed as an area of community interest but also as an important area for the Greek bird fauna as it hosts many rare birds.

More than 90 species have been observed, many of them endangered.

15 ′ distance

Activities Office

  • Cycling on the perimeter of the lake
  • Mountain bikes
  • Walk on the mountain
  • Canoe
  • Climb
  • Slope parachute
  • Outdoor Camping
  • Guided tour with jeep 4×4
  • Archery

Phone. 23860 41200, 6974 076 527

At a distance of 20km you can see the winery:

  • Alpha estate
  • EAS Amyntaio
  • Estate of Mr. Yannis
  • Vegoritis
  • Karanikas
  • Dimopoulos

The city of Florina is 45 km away. from Sklithros. It is a picturesque destination as both its location and the beauty of the city give the visitor a sense of intimacy and tradition.

Walking in the beautiful alleys of the area and on the banks of the river Sakuleva

Kastoria is 45 km from Sklithros, Many know it only from its famous furs, but in reality it is a city with a long and important history, full of life and endowed with incomparable beauties.

Build of the hilly peninsula that penetrates deep into the lake, it was founded and walled in the years of Justinian, while in the same place there was an ancient city called Celetron. The 70 and more Byzantine and post-Byzantine churches and its majestic mansions stand as evidence of the prosperity that Kastoria experienced.

At the crossing between North and Vermi, high on a stone balcony, is built one of the most important cities of ancient Macedonia, Edessa. It has about 20,000 inhabitants.

The waterfalls of Edessa, unique in Greece, are an impressive spectacle for young and old. The “Small waterfalls” cross and adorn the park of the same name in the city center while the large waterfall “Karanos” falls from a height of 70 meters.

Perched on the off-white slopes, it looks like a postcard standing in the snow. Against the background of the high mountain peaks, from November until the first months of spring, it offers unique moments, combining nature with sports, the strong emotions, with the cosmopolitan environment. The reason for the ski center “North-Kaimaktsalan”.

Just 40 minutes from the area of ​​Amyntaio, it offers unique performances to those who visit it. Where magic blends harmoniously with the elements of nature and creates a panorama of well-being.

At the confluence of the Varnouda and Verno mountain ranges, 19 km west of the city of Florina and at an altitude of 1600-1900m. A neck is formed, where the Vigla-Pisoderio crossing is. In this wonderful location, in a wonderful forest of beeches, is one of the best ski resorts in Greece.

The facilities of the ski center Vigla “Tottis” can offer the visitor whatever he asks and meet even the most demanding. There are 10 loyal Olympic standards so that they can serve all categories of skiers and snowboarders.

Sklithro is located 70 km from the ski resort.

In the enchanting Prespa the landscape captures the senses. Legends are intertwined with reality and refer to elves and other strange creatures lurking in the lakes and dense forests.

Prespes is located in western Macedonia and specifically in the prefecture of Florina, at a distance of 85 km from Sklithros and have a total area of ​​330 km2 and consist of two lakes, small and large.

Little Prespa belongs to our country with the exception of a small part of it located in Albania, while Big Prespa is divided between Greece, Albania and Skopje. Together with the lakes Maliki and Ohrid they are a unit and are called lakes of the Dassariti basin.

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