Traditional products

Try and buy special pure products produced in our area.

Sklithros potatoes are known for their unique taste. You can taste them in all the recipes with potatoes in the restaurant “Thomas” and get them from Christos.

Pure, traditional Sklithros honey. Find it from BEE VITSI tel: 6981801294 and at the breakfast of our traditional guesthouse “AGONARI”.

The company `XORIO` was founded in 1987. Its main activity is pastries and pasta. In 2003 the company modernized and proceeded to standardize and promote the products in the wider market. The traditional pasta `TO HORIO` is fermented with semolina, fresh milk and eggs and in addition contains a percentage of natural mineral water Xino Nero that gushes from the springs of the village. Something that gives it a special taste and flavor.

Opening: All year round, every day except Sunday, 07:00 – 13:30

Production unit built with stone and wood at the foot of Kaimaktsalan (North) overlooking Lake Vegoritida. The main product of the company is the Florin peppers: Peppers stuffed with cabbage in must. Roasted peppers. Sun-dried peppers. Grilled peppers with eggplant and tomato, etc.
The production unit has a showroom, a tasting area and a visitable pepper cultivation estate with the original Florina pepper seed.
St. Panteleimon of Amyntaio
Naoumidis Petros – Tel. 23860 61.238

In the places of cultivation and production of AROSIS, life flows calmly and with faith in human values. AROSIS guarantees the authenticity of products certified with a designation of origin. Products made with love by nature and man, for nature and man.

Arosis – Tel. 24670 71.686

The women of Nymfaio collaborate and create delicious miracles and handicrafts that you can taste in the lobby – cafe or admire and buy at the gas station of their Cooperative. The Urban Cooperative of Nymfaio “NYMFI” has Jams, pastries, trachanades, noodles, liqueurs, wood constructions, handicrafts.
Nymfaio – Tel. 23860 31.117

Estate Chroni is located at the green mountain range of the village of Ano Kleinon, Florina, at an altitude of 730 meters. In it there is our house, our apiary and various crops. Our product list includes honey liqueurs, fruit jams, white and red wines, tsipouro, nuts, tea varieties, tomato sauces, peppers, fruit compotes and of course pure honey, pollen, royal jelly and honeycomb with honey.
Ano Kleines Florina
Tel. 23850 92.921

“Artos Imon” Bakery
Traditional village bread with onion yeast and village pies from traditional recipes made with the purest ingredients.
Arvanitis Ioannis – Tel. 23860 31.033

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